Case of Anna O

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When given one case, two people can have a different analyzes of the situation. In the beginning stages of developmental psychoanalytic theory, Jung with was a student of Freud’s was studying a young lady by the name of Anna O. Even though Jung was Freud’s student, they both had different psychoanalytic approach to her issue. This report will compare and contrast the unconscious views of Freud and Jung’s. It will also give view points on incidences where they agreed and disagreed on the purpose and manifestation of the unconscious. Finally, examining both Freud’s and Jung’s approach on Anne’s case. There is a reason why our lives do not turn out the way we plan. Freud’s theory of unconscious, notes that there are repression by the mind which causes discussion that are unattended. This could stem from dreams, mistakes being said, and different kinds of forgetfulness (Feist & Feist , 2009, p. 25). This is similar to Jung’s personal unconscious, which can be easily recalled, some have difficulty retrieving remembers, and others are beyond the range of consciousness (Feist & Feist , 2009, p. 105). The unconscious issue that Anne may have had stem from the fact that she was taking care of her father and unknowing forgetting to take care of herself. As a result, she started to feeling the physicals neglect. Unlike Freud’s one unconscious theory, Jung had personal and collective unconscious. The personal unconscious view are unique for each person (Feist & Feist , 2009, p. 105). The collective unconscious has connections to ancestral past of the entire species like having psychic abilities (Feist & Feist , 2009, p. 105). Jung would have been looking at Anne’s case from both sides. When Anne vacillates from on mental state to anot... ... middle of paper ... ...self importance. On the other hand, Jung’s treatment of choice would consist of dream study. By conducting a dream study, Anne would become more self aware. Works Cited Feist, J. & Feist, G. (2009). Theories of Personality. Retrieved from Fisher, L. T. (2007). The body/work nexus: The work of nursing assistants in nursing homes. (Order No. 3261253, University of California, San Francisco). ProQuest Dissertations and Theses, , 132-n/a. Retrieved from (304880603). Steinwedel, J. S. (2005). Dream work in leadership coaching: An exploratory study. (Order No. 3193434, Fielding Graduate University). ProQuest Dissertations and Theses, , 235-235 p. Retrieved from (305350418).

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