The Importance Of Healthy Eating Habits For Children

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In today’s busy sociality that we live in it can easily become a habit to just buy food at a local fast food restaurant or order take out instead of cooking every day. An increasingly large amount of families today are finding it more difficult to make time to sit at the dinner table as a family and eat a healthy well-balanced meal together. Parents and caregivers play an important role when it comes to choosing healthy meals for children and teaching them how to make smart healthy choices for themselves when it comes to snacks. Developing good nutritional habits at a young age in order to promote optimal health and growth is something that could benefit children throughout their entire life. Therefore, by making time and planning healthy creative meals parents can help improve or maintain children’s nutritional diet just by making a few simple changes. “Healthy eating means eating a variety of foods that give you the nutrients you need to maintain your health, feel good, and have energy” (What). From birth, the body requires adequate amounts of vitamins and nutrients every day in order to function at its highest capacity. School-aged children are still growing and developing but at a much slower rate than infants and toddlers. “Bad eating habits as a child can contribute to immediate health problems such as being overweight or obesity, tooth decay, and type-2 diabetes at a young age. They can also lead to future health problems as an adult such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease and stroke” (The). That is why having a poor diet no matter what age you are can have a negative impact on the body. “Approximately 155 million school-aged children worldwide are overweight or obese, and 20 million children younger t... ... middle of paper ... grab fresh fruits, vegetables, cheeses, or nuts instead and to limit snacking to twice a day. Another suggestion would be to involve the child in the shopping process and be sure to read labels that way they have somewhat of a say in what they eat. Lastly, when it is time to cook get the children involved, make cooking a time for them to learn and have fun (MyPlate). Children learn their habits from their parents so it is our jobs to be the example for them. By decreasing added sugars, sodium and saturated fat in our diet and our children’s diet we will see drastic improvement in theirs and our everyday lives. We will feel better mentally and physically and our children will have the energy and nutrients they need to be ready to conquer the world every day. With just a few changes here and there we can have our families eating healthier before we know it.

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