Literature Review On Healthy Eating Habits

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Literature Review

“Children, with their fastfood diets, school runs and Playstation lives, are vulnerable as ever before. For the first time in history, they risk being outlived by their parents and developing the illnesses of middle age whilst still young”
(Purvis, 2005: 2).

Establishing healthy eating habits from a young age is crucial in order to educate children how to eat healthily and furthermore, to prevent the growing number of children who are obese. In the above statement, Purvis emphasises how unhealthy children are today. Obesity is a massive health issue amongst children, not just in Scotland but also in the rest of the United Kingdom. In Scotland, 22.6% of children in primary 1 are at risk of being overweight or obese (Information
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I want to investigate how schools and parents can work together to support healthy eating for young children. Many schools already have healthy eating initiatives in place, however, there is still a high percentage of children with obesity. I firmly believe that if schools and parents have a close partnership in promoting healthy eating young children will have consistency both in the school and home environment. Healthy eating is an area that I feel passionate about due to the effects poor nutrition can have on the child both in the short term and in the long term. During my second school placement, I witnessed a healthy eating initiative that was extremely successful both with the staff and the students. This has influenced my enthusiasm to promote healthy eating in the early years by including parents in order to combat the serious issue of childhood…show more content…
The ‘Hungry for Success’ (2002) initiative was implemented in all schools in Scotland in 2003, with an aim to improve school meals. As children “become more independent they are increasingly responsible for making their own food choices as parental influence decreases” (Wardley et al., 1997:75). The objective of the initiative was to ensure that all pupils were encouraged to make informed decisions when eating within school. Healthier food choices were readily available to all children, therefore allowing children to choose healthier options. School menus were reviewed in order to provide better nutrition and children were offered salads and free fruit was available to all infants (Scottish Executive, 2005). In addition to this initiative, ‘Towards a Healthy Weight Action Plan for Scotland’ (2006) proposed to develop programmes to support healthy eating in the primary school and in addition, introduced a ban on junk food in schools and in lunch boxes. This ensured that all pupils did not have the opportunity to make poor choices and instead, pupils opted for healthier foods (NHS,
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