Teenage Athlete Nutrition

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Teenage Athlete Nutrition

Today, our world is filled with food. While some are healthy, it seems like teenagers are more focused on the unhealthy foods. Yes, there are athletic programs; teens are still not eating the right foods they should be. They get the simple, easy to depend on, low cost foods which most likely are from fast food restaurants. Teenagers often pick the easy choice, which is why the obesity rate is rising in our state, including heart attacks and diabetes. Even though it seems like the unhealthy choices are more dependent when you’re in a rush and need a quick bite to eat, not caring about the nutrition, teenagers don’t realize that it will affect them in the long run, literally.

Teenagers often stress on foods, what nutrition to take in, on what to eat, or what’s easy. While you may say, “Oh, fast food restaurants are very easy and quick!” A healthier solution would be to make a quick snack at home using healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, and grains. “That should make up ¾ of every meal. These are also your dietary staples” (Jensen). Now while those ar...

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