The Importance Of Emotional Wellness

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Emotional wellness is one the most overlooked part of global health. As counselors, we have a responsibility to our clients to create a healthy environment in which our clients can benefit, but most importantly, we have a responsibility to cogitate our own healthy environment. In order for an individual to effectively manage our awareness, understanding and acceptance of our feelings through our encounters and fluctuations within our life, we must recognize that our emotional wellness is a critical component to these factors. Although life entails disappointments having the capability to be aware and accept our feelings commanding an optimistic outlook implies that we have reached emotional wellness. This paper will discuss the definition,…show more content…
The key is to give yourself permission to feel whatever it is you are feeling, but only for a time, then realize that you cannot stay there forever. Stress can be overwhelming and without the proper tools to cope and function effectively, we may accept the first emotion that appears instead asking ourselves questions before reacting in a way that will produce more unwanted emotions. Maintaining a wholesome emotional health will assist when problems occur, such as death, loss of job, problems with family because you have learned to cope with anger, fear, and stress. Learning how to deal with the anger, worry and stress involve being attentive to your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, whether positive or negative. The emotional dimension of wellness involves having the ability to express and manage feelings…show more content…
Each of these dimensions of wellness is of equal importance when it comes to maintaining an individual’s personal wellness. Wellness is complex therefore, you must look at each dimension separately and how they overlap each other. Depending on circumstances of where an individual are in their life it is important to stay focus on their own needs, strengths and goals instead of comparison to others. I think of these emotional wellness is essential when an individual can understand why they react they can begin to gain control of situations which can affect the other dimensions. Emotional wellness enables one to remain grounded during stressful times can help you live a more balanced life. We are driven by emotions that has us seeking for meaning in our life, striving for a purposeful mission, receiving social acceptance, and achieving spiritual awareness this gives us an environment in which we can

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