Definition Of Wellness

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Definitions and dimensions of wellness Wellness is.. About keeping your life in a stable and achieved manner. The key to helping you stay positive through your actions and emotions while minimizing stress and lowering risk of illness is another plus to being well stabilized. Wellness must be a choice in which you make your growth, surroundings, and health more positively centered. The easiest way for me to understand wellness is to compare it to a clock. Clocks need multiple very intricate pieces in order to work correctly, without one little piece the whole clock could stop. Like wellness, there are lots of different parts (different aspects) in your life and when one of those aspects falls out of place eventually everything else starts to crumble. Let's say your financial state starts to deteriorate, when that…show more content…
Emotional~ This dimension is how emotional Wellness refers to your ability to recognize, understand, accept and manage your thoughts, and feelings in a way that enables you to have a positive outlook as to where you feel content, joy, love, and happiness. An emotionally well balanced person can enjoy life and be successful. Emotional wellness is an ongoing vigorous process of growth and changes. 5. Social~ This dimension is how healthy relationships are the network developed by the process of social wellness. Social wellness is close to emotional, physical, and mental wellness having them so closely knit creates good flow in the dimensions of wellness. It always helps to stay social so try and make at least one social connection daily. Always remember to keep all relationships healthy. 6. Intellectual~ This dimension is when intellectual wellness brings out the curiosity in a person allowing you to be open to new and different ideas. Intellectuality allows critical thinking and the eagerness to learn. Learning of others and yourself is a healthy focused intellectual mind. Always stay positive and remember knowledge feeds the
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