The Importance Of Cyber Crime

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There are some, but not many I’d be willing to wager, that can imagine life without some form of digital input device. Computers, cell phones, tablets, cameras, the list goes on when we think about devices that bring the digital world to our fingertips. This gives us an awesome gift to have access to so much information and the conveniences such as shopping, communicating in different ways, and finding information that are enabled by the internet. With this gift though, comes an awesome responsibility that most do not consider. With so much information available and some or most of it unprotected, it is little wonder that criminals have turned their attention to using this information to their advantage. Law enforcement’s reactive nature has…show more content…
The lack of direction and knowledge of jurisdiction limits law enforcements effectiveness. Without set laws and policies law enforcement at all levels will never know a crime has been committed or what discretion they have in the arrest. The World Wide Web has been around for over two decades and cyber criminals for almost that entire time. Law enforcement has to have laws provided to them so they can contain this problem before it becomes out of control as the war on drugs has. If they are not given the tools then they will never be able to meet the challenge set forth for…show more content…
Currently most cyber criminals are only prosecuted for misdemeanor offenses because law enforcement does not see how these crimes impact the nations. The judicial system does not fully know how to view these crimes to fairly judge them. During a speech in San Francisco FBI Director Robert Mueller stated (Hofmann, M. 2012) “Applying the lessons learned in fighting terrorism to dealing with the cyber threat is certainly a reasonable approach for now. But even as dealing with terrorism required a different approach than dealing with a conventional military enemy, effectively dealing with cyber crime will require new strategies as well”. This is a very chilling comparison and speaks to how impactful cyber criminals can be. They should be treated as terrorists for most of the crimes they commit. Some steal money or circulate pornography. Others though shut down systems in governments, steal governmental information, or expose confidential information. These are all the acts of a terrorist or spy, not a common criminal. And all must be dealt with a different

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