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  • Law Enforcement Agencies

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    Renee McCune Professor Keilholtz Intro to CRJ 110 23 October 2016 Law Enforcement Agencies within When we think of federal law enforcement agencies we only think about the CIA, FBI, DEA, and ATF. There are many different agencies that have their own law enforcement agencies within themselves. Two agencies I found to be within another agency is the United States Postal Inspection Service (USPSIS) which is an investigation agency within the United States Postal Service. I also found the United

  • Change in Law Enforcement Agencies

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    1. Identify and discuss the eight (8) recurring reasons that change occurs in law enforcement agencies. There are many recurring reasons that changes occurs in law enforcement agencies. The book outlines 8 reasons that change occurs. The 8 reasons are as follow: 1. A single catastrophic event, often followed by civil liability litigation, leads to the chief of police being replaced (Swanson, 2012, pg. 650). This forces changes because it addresses a single incident and forces change. A good example

  • Exploring the Diversity of Federal Law Enforcement Agencies

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    Federal Law Enforcement agencies have a ray of different areas that are specific to ones career base. There’s such a broad variety of Federal Law Enforcement with names that are not always well known. When people think about Federal Law Enforcement Agencies or Departments the first one’s to come to mind are U.S. Marshals or FBI. Some other agencies are the Naval Criminal Investigative Services (NCIS) and the Railroad Retirement Board, Office of Inspector General. Naval Criminal Investigative Services

  • Law Enforcement Agencies

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    Law enforcement agencies are crucial for maintaining law and order within our respective societies. These agencies operate at various levels, each with its own district and duties. In this essay, I will explore the functions and responsibilities of law enforcement, the different agencies at various levels, their districts, and how law enforcement officers apply discretion in their line of work. Law enforcement agencies can be categorized at federal, state, and local levels. At the federal level,

  • Accreditation For Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA)

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    representatives of their perspective agencies and conducts their assigned duties according to strict standards of those agencies (Doerner, 2012). One way to ensure these standards hold merit is to have the agency receive accreditation (Doerner, 2012). “Accreditation means that a law enforcement agency complies with a host of operational standards designed to represent the current “best practices” in the industry” (Doerner, 2012, p. 472). The goal of becoming an accredited agency is to earn a professional

  • The History of Police Agencies and Different Types of Law Enforcement

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    Development of Police Agencies: Policing in the United States has mainly been based and expanded on the ideas of English way of policing. The English way of policing has not only been used as the basis for American policing but it has also been used to commence an era of evolving police agencies. In its early years, policing in the United States was largely regarded as a civic duty or responsibility of community members. The appointed officers were neither trained nor paid for their services to

  • Evolution of Intelligence-Led Policing Post 9/11

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    to both of these issues. Intelligence-Led Policing is a technique essentially expected to perceive the risks fear based oppressors and wrongdoers posture, and additionally deliver successful systems so as to expel those potential perils. Law enforcement agencies have advanced with the foundation of (ILP) because of its fuse with other policing obligations managing non-military personnel administrations and examinations (Carter, J. G., and Carter, D. L., 2012, p. 140). Since the attacks, our national

  • Essay On Canines In Law Enforcement

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    Use of K-9's in Law Enforcement As the United States Supreme Court has deemed that the use of highly trained canines is Constitutional to assist law enforcement agencies, they are a major deterrent for violent criminals, as well as a deterrent to proactive police work to prevent crimes from occurring. Canines are a major crime-fighting tool to assist law enforcement. The use of canines in law enforcement is a tool that has been utilized for years around the world. In the 1970's the use of dogs

  • Decentralized Police Force

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    001201920 One Centralized Police Force The number of law enforcement agencies that we have in our government is so great that they cant help but over-lap when it comes to their jurisdiction. With anywhere from 20,000 to 25,000 different agencies that they bump head to head when it comes to cases. All the agencies come from different levels: local, county, state, federal and tribal agencies. It is a problem because if the agencies are fighting over who has control of the crime scene and all

  • California Highway Patrol Essay

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    California Highway Patrol (CHP) is a state run government law enforcement agency who is the primary law enforcement agency for the entire state of California. The CHP’s mission is to provide the highest level of safety, service and security to the inhabitants of California. The mission of the CHP is accomplished through five departmental goals 1) Protect life and property. 2) Provide superior service to the public and assistance to allied agencies. 3) Enhance public trust through community outreach and

  • Essay On Effectiveness And Effectiveness

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    Effectiveness and efficiency correlate when discussing law enforcement. By definition, effectiveness is described as, “The degree to which objectives are achieved and the extent to which targeted problems are solved. In law enforcement, there are many problems that are faced on a daily basis. Being effective, one must analyze for a problem, target the problem, make changes to alleviate if not eliminate the problem, and determine how those crimes or issues resolved in a measurable way. In contrast

  • The Pros And Cons Of Police Militarization

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    be clear, I am not saying that the 1033 program should be abolished. Since the 1033 program does supply law enforcement agencies with bullet proof vests and other personal protective equipment I believe that the program should be very limited and have a huge oversight by both the people and the government. We have to ask ourselves, Are we willing to give up freedom for security? If law enforcement looks scarier and more militaristic than people will be afraid of them. A growing distrust in, the police

  • Law Enforcement During Natural Disasters in the United States

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    Law Enforcement During Natural Disasters in the United States All of us are aware that law enforcement plays a big role in our society. During the natural disasters, law enforcement becomes even more important and many people begin to depend on them. It is obvious that natural disasters tend to create chaos, mess, disorganization and their role is to calm people down. They are the ones who are helping victims with their fears, concerns, and public safety and still keeping “law and order”. In my paper

  • Importance Of Liberal Arts In Law Enforcement

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    The Importance of Liberal Arts in Law Enforcement Careers In discussions of law enforcement one controversial issue has been whether liberal arts courses are necessary or should be required. In “The New Liberal Arts” Sanford J. Ungar believes that liberal arts are crucial to any professional career. Mike Rose however disagrees, and suggests that a college education in general is not necessarily a must. Although both articles make a good argument, I concur with Ungar. The liberal arts are the foundation

  • Florida Criminal Justice Network (Cj Net)

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    Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) decided that their system of communication needed a revamping they upgraded the existing system to CJ Net. The CJ Net is a backbone communications network for Florida's criminal justice agencies. This network builds on the foundation of the Florida Crime Information Center (FCIC) telecommunications network. Funding provided in recent years to re-engineer the FCIC network was used to convert then currently connected agencies (primarily law enforcement agencies such as

  • History and Structure of Policing

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    enforce the laws set by their government, but not many people know the history of your typical everyday United States police officer or how they came about. The idea for neither your everyday police officer nor his or her department they work for or how a police department operates, originated in the United States. Over the years though America has made changes and adapted its system over the years to make it more suitable for its countries beliefs and practices. Police forces or Law enforcers have

  • The Posse Comitatus Act of 1878

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    The Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 was a federal law enacted by congress in 1878 to restrict the federal governments from utilizing the Air Force and Army powers in civil law enforcement functions. The law ensures that civilian police agencies are directly responsible for all law enforcement functions in the United States, and the Armed Forces are responsible for fighting American wars abroad. The military can only be used as law enforcement in America if it specifically authorized. The Posse Comitatus

  • Personal Ethics And The Deontological Approach To Ethics

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    process, and value. However, one must consider where the principles come from to carry out these things. Some of these principles come from external laws and rules that govern how we conduct professional business and carry out our responsibilities. Having a strong set of individual principles matters; they make it easier for people to follow and uphold the laws and rules we are bound by in our professional lives. The Teleology approach aims to produce the greatest happiness, good or pleasure for the greatest

  • Criminal Justice System Essay

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    divisions Law Enforcement, Courts, and Corrections each one operates separate from the others and yet coincide with the others as well. The criminal justice system is a global phenomenon, not solely bound within the borders of the United States, not a one shoe fits all; each country has created a form of criminal justice system suited to that country’s needs while allowing for cultural, economic, and historical aspects to influence the system’s development and operations. The law enforcement facet of

  • Recruiting In Law Enforcement

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    Shusta et al., (2011), “Many law enforcement agencies have had difficulty finding qualified applicants; however, which has led to a recruitment crisis. This crisis, although influenced by economic circumstances, appears to be primarily the result of changing societal and demographic trends” (p. 82). There has been many controversies and attention towards the recruiting and hiring crisis in American law enforcement. Among the various problems that law enforcement agencies in America face, however, do