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  • Change in Law Enforcement Agencies

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    1. Identify and discuss the eight (8) recurring reasons that change occurs in law enforcement agencies. There are many recurring reasons that changes occurs in law enforcement agencies. The book outlines 8 reasons that change occurs. The 8 reasons are as follow: 1. A single catastrophic event, often followed by civil liability litigation, leads to the chief of police being replaced (Swanson, 2012, pg. 650). This forces changes because it addresses a single incident and forces change. A good example

  • Stress Management in a Law Enforcement Agency

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    The direction that a law enforcement administration takes in setting standards and goals for dealing with stress within the department will have an impact on the officers in which they manage. In most cases, stress reduction for the department that begins with the highest levels of the administration. Training, talking, and the policies of the department are sometimes a viewed as a necessary evil by officers, but when used effectively, the benefits, and knowledge obtained in these setting, will

  • The History of Police Agencies and Different Types of Law Enforcement

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    Development of Police Agencies: Policing in the United States has mainly been based and expanded on the ideas of English way of policing. The English way of policing has not only been used as the basis for American policing but it has also been used to commence an era of evolving police agencies. In its early years, policing in the United States was largely regarded as a civic duty or responsibility of community members. The appointed officers were neither trained nor paid for their services to

  • Law Enforcement: Israel & United States

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    divisions Law Enforcement, Courts, and Corrections each one operates separate from the others and yet coincide with the others as well. The criminal justice system is a global phenomenon, not solely bound within the borders of the United States, not a one shoe fits all; each country has created a form of criminal justice system suited to that country’s needs while allowing for cultural, economic, and historical aspects to influence the system’s development and operations. The law enforcement facet of

  • Law Enforcement Case Study

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    explains why training in the field of ethical behavior is extremely important for law enforcement professionals. Law enforcement professionals are held to a higher standard than the normal citizen, people look to them when they need help. Unethical behavior by a law enforcement officer can be detrimental to the law enforcement profession as a whole. Cell phones in today’s society make it harder for law enforcement officers to do their jobs, they don’t know when they’re going to be recorded while

  • Digital Crime and Digital Terrorism

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    of law enforcement that involve offenses committed by way of, and aid of computers and other technology advanced devices that includes but is not limited to: identify theft, fraud, computer hackers, inside and outside espionage, white collar crimes, and virus and malicious code writers; in conjunction with digital terrorism in terms of concepts of information warfare and cyber terrorism. All of these crimes are of heightened relevance that requires the immediate assistance of law enforcement personnel

  • Civilian Oversight Model

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    been an unsteady relationship with the public. The waver in civilian’s confidence in law enforcement agencies can be attributed to the increase in police misconduct, or corruption. Then a new strategy called, civilian oversight model was introduced giving regular citizens the chance to have a say in police conduct. The public was in full support of the new model implemented through the law enforcement agencies. However, there was disagrees in the police field with the public having more power

  • Essay On Canines In Law Enforcement

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    Use of K-9's in Law Enforcement As the United States Supreme Court has deemed that the use of highly trained canines is Constitutional to assist law enforcement agencies, they are a major deterrent for violent criminals, as well as a deterrent to proactive police work to prevent crimes from occurring. Canines are a major crime-fighting tool to assist law enforcement. The use of canines in law enforcement is a tool that has been utilized for years around the world. In the 1970's the use of dogs

  • The Role of Federal Agencies in Fighting Digital Crime

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    challenges that result from the independent nature of these agencies, as well as the other factors that are common to each of them. In the United States, local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies, including FBI, Department of Homeland Security, among others, have taken on roles to fight computer crimes and terrorism. The roles and responses of these law enforcement agencies concerning digital crime have created challenges that limit enforcement efforts against digital crime. The Department Of Justice

  • Canadian Royal Mounted Police Case Study

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    generation of law enforcers deals with issues unique to their field. Canadian Royal Mounted Police (RCMP) corporal Terry Burns (2015), believes public perception, funding, staffing and equipment are some of the greatest issues 21st century Canadian police forces are facing (November 5, 2015, personal communication). Inspector Rosemary Hawkins (2015) with the Calgary Police service also acknowledges sexism, government control, drugs and gangs, and media coverage of law enforcement as modern issues