The Importance Of Culture In Business Management

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Culture is the most important reason to influence an international company. Culture different can be nightmare to manager who do not know how to work with international employees (Passport to Trade, 2015). Three different management styles for manager to use in managing a team that are ‘Authoritarian style’, ‘Democratic style’ and ‘Laisses faire style’. In Hofstede’s study, he created five different dimensions that are ‘Power distance’, ‘Uncertainty avoidance’, ‘Individualism’, ‘Masculinity’ and ‘Confucian work dynamism’. Culture different and language become an important reason of conflicts while international people are working together (Mullins, 2010).
In this essay, I mainly use secondary resource to support my empirical study.
Culture is the most important things to influence company that will impact the organization management and decision-making, those can affect the business strategic direction (Passport to Trade, 2015). Culture is how manger organizes the work and mange people to archive long-term goals successfully (Mullins, 2010). Business culture is each organization has a special culture around company’s visions, working style and habits (Passport to Trade, 2015). Workplace …show more content…

John wants his teammate to put the interaction to him and John’s make all the policy without asking what his group mate thinks (Ramnuruth, 2013). John focus his team to have a weekly meeting that allow John manage the team more efficiency, collect customers information at first hand with the process of his teammate dealing with customer. Also this weekly meeting can let John to get involved in all the important conversation, how his teammate work over the last week and ask his teammate collect and share other team information. As a result, this is how John increase the conflict between his Chinese team members (Ramnuruth,

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