Nursing Codes In Nursing Practice

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Q.3 Nurses as part of regulated health care practitioners are responsible and accountable to abide by the standards, codes and guidelines of nursing practice (NMBA, 2016). The nurse in the case study has breached the standard 1.4 of the Registered nurse standards for practice. According to standard 1.4 the registered nurse should comply with "legislation, regulation, policies, guidelines and other standards or requirements relevant to the context of practice” when making decisions because this will be the foundation of the nurse in delivering high quality services (NMBA, 2016). The nurse in the scenario did not follow the hospital policy concerning “Between the Flags” or “red zone” and a doctor should be notified in this condition. Furthermore, the nurse failed to effectively respond to a deteriorating…show more content…
As a result, she breached the standard 6 which states that “registered nurse should provide a safe, appropriate and responsive quality nursing practice” (NMBA, 2016). In line with this standard, nurses should use applicable procedures to identify and act efficiently to potential and actual risk such as unexpected changing patient’s condition (NMBA, 2016). Through early identification and response by the nurse, this will ensure that the patient’s condition is recognised and appropriate action is provided and escalated (Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care, 2011). Moreover, the nurse did not immediately escalate the patient’s deteriorating condition to the members of the health care team. Therefore, she also disregards the standard 4.3 stating that nurses should have work with the interdisciplinary health care team and to collaborate, communicate and discuss the patient’s status (NMBA,2016). The purpose of collaborating and communicating with the team is to provide a comprehensive plan of care for the patient and to facilitate early treatments needed by the patient (Cropley,
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