Nursing Vsn Degree In Nursing Vs. Baccalaureate Degree Level

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Nursing practice holds different levels of degree for nurses that include Associate degree in Nursing, Bachelor degree in nursing, and Master degree in Nursing. Even though the degree level in nursing are to provide basic care to the patients, but the level of competency and knowledge in the profession is different. Nursing practice in advance level play important role to provide quality of care to patients. Many health care settings require nurses to earn baccalaureate degree level to apply for RN position. The purpose of writing this paper is to identify the proficiency level between an Associate degree of Nursing versus Baccalaureate degree level. Nurses play different role in bedside patient care, such as advocate, caregiver, and teacher.…show more content…
In fact, Researchers had shown the results of outcomes having different degrees of level. According to AACN, Today 61% Nurses in the United States have a BSN degree who works in health settings. In fact, BSN nurses reduce death rate mortality, and readmission rate by using clinical practice knowledge (AACN) . Having advance level of knowledge involves nurses to manage the patient level of care and monitor for progress. American Organization of Nurses Executives states that nurses who have a higher education level promotes safe nursing care and improves patient safety. Higher educational nurses prepare herself for clinical challenging and complex roles (AACN, page 1). They develop more ideas, better intervention, and focus more on clinical…show more content…
Having experience of the situation gives depth of knowledge to identify the different roles. Lead RN who holds BSN degree made better decision than ADN nurse. An elderly patient admitted for pneumonia who was getting IV fluids continuously, during night shift. She started wheezing and more shortness of breath. The respiratory therapy was called to provide breathing treatment so patient can feel better; however, it did not help at all. Although ADN nurse was reviewing patient H&P, medical history to collect data to analyze the problem to call the MD; however, she was not able to focus better intervention and outcomes. In meanwhile, Lead RN provided better intervention to make the patient more comfortable such keep head elevated, monitor I &O closely, assess every two hours and monitor patient more closely, then MD was notified and addressed the problems such as patient might me fluid overloaded. BSN nurse made better decision than ADN nurse because It might be due to working in nursing field since so many years; however, she had advance knowledge in depth to provide healthy and safe care to the patients. In fact, the nurses who holds BSN degree at work has stronger leadership skills and critical thinking than Associate
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