The Importance Of Coaching And Student Learning

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In the 21st century, coaches are making a big difference helping other educators succeed in the classroom; therefore, they adjust and reflect on their own biases, beliefs, and styles of learning to better meet the need of teachers. According to Knight (2008), coaching is seen as a process of communication and that "the hope of coaching rests with coaches providing teachers foundational support that can make a significant impact on teacher practice and student learning". Reflecting on my own biases, beliefs, and styles, I discovered and acquired valuable information to improve my teaching and coaching skills. In the field of education, teachers must also understand that collaboration among colleagues is very essential to promote teacher’s growth…show more content…
These assessments taken by my collague were very helpful and eye-opening because as educators we teach a multitude of students, and it is imperative that we take into consideration the different learning styles of students and be given equal opportunities in our classrooms (Teaching Tolerance, n.d.). In one of the assigned videos, is it emphasized that to be an effective coach or mentor, it is essential to gain a deep understanding about the person you will work with (Laureate education, 2010m). As a coach, my job will be to lead my colleague to be more extroverted teacher in the classroom. My colleague needs to understand that students need to be working in groups where they can exchange valuable information and have productive conversations among themselves. According to Kise (2008), she emphasized that coaching is a process of communication that is affected by our beliefs and how those beliefs in turn affect our teaching style. The feedback gathered in the conference gave me a clue that he enjoys doing whole class instruction and he does not provide activities where students can interact and exchange information; therefore, based on this needs, I decided to also provide him with a step by step teaching strategy, and relevant examples to teaching situations (Kise, 2008). The role that I will exercise with my colleague…show more content…
According to (Smith, 2010), the distinctions that exist between pedagogy and andragogy in Knowles’ assumptions are basically that the learners in pedagogy are dependent and learn what society expects them to. In pedagogy, learners have to adhere and follow specific rules in order for them to succeed. In addition, they have to depend on other individuals to meet their goals. On the other hand, the learners in andragogy move toward independence learn what they need to know and are self-directing when teaching methods include discussion and problem solving (Smith, 2010). In one of the articles on Knowles’ assumptions, it is addressed that andragogy is premised on at least four crucial assumptions about the characteristics of adult learners which are self-concept, experience, readiness to learn, orientation to learning and motivation( Smith, 2010). These principles will inform my coaching experience with my colleague. In the interview, I delivered questions about self-concept where I oriented my colleague that I was there to help him succeed and move from being a dependent personality toward one of being a self-directed human being (Smith, 2010). I also included motivation as another characteristic of adult learning by asking my colleague what activities he enjoyed the most as a learner in high school. According to Smith (2010), as a person matures, the motivation
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