Exploring the Different Learning Styles and How This Relates to New Teaching Methods

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This paper aims to discuss the different learning styles that people use, and the way in which to apply new teaching methods, in which to expand the learning strategies of students. Here are two quotes from P Honey which explains the purpose of this paper

“ become smarter at getting a better fit between learning opportunities and the way you learn best. This makes your leaning easier, more effective and more enjoyable. It saves you tackling your learning on a hit and miss basis. Equipped with your learning preferences, you’ll have many more hits than misses.” (P. Honey)

“ Improve your learning skills and processes. Increased awareness of how you learn, opens up the whole process to self-scrutiny and improvement. Learning to learn is your most important capability since it provides the gateway to everything else you want to develop” (P. Honey)

Learning styles and learning theories for individual learners

A vast majority of people recognize that everyone learns at a different rate, and in a different way, every single person has a mix of the below styles, that they learn best from, and that one of the styles may be more dominant than the rest of the styles.

Although many learners do not actually realize their own individual learning style, until they embark upon a higher education course at university or college after numerous years out of education. It is then that they discover that the old method that they were taught in school was the wrong method for them for example

The teacher writing on the blackboard and talking whilst they listen and copy down exactly as its wrote or said. Compared to newer methods that are being used in classrooms these days of power point displays on white boards, a...

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...better and learn it in a faster way.


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