The Importance And Cons Of Organizational Leadership In The Workplace

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Today’s global marketplace is constantly changing, thus organizations need to adapt and evolve not only their operations but their culture in order to remain competitive, as well as, ensure the business is sustainable. In order to achieve this challenging feat, organizational leadership and organizational elements such as intent, vision, and performance are necessary. The following essay will discuss the aforementioned elements.
Organizational leadership is noted when senior staff members spotlight objectives for the employees, in addition to, escort them towards achieving these goals ("Organizational Leadership," 2015). In other words, the leader will clearly define the company’s goals, develop the tactical plans, and align the appropriate individuals in order to successfully implement the strategy. Personally, I believe that senior leaders should be comfortable with change, ensure the culture meshes with the pros and cons of change, and develop individuals to deal with the hardships of change. So how does a manager foster these developments? The manager should clearly define their strategic intent which include where they want the organization to go and the outcomes they intend to attain (Pearce & Robinson, 2011, p. 328). Typically, there is a win it all attitude or a stretch initiative associated with a strategic
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The leaders foster this by clearing stating their vision and performance expectations. Moreover, they balance managerial control with encouragement so that the employees stay motivated. All these aforementioned statements comprise the how, who, what, and who dimensions of leadership. In the end, these elements are vital for a business because it helps them concentrate on creating new internal proficiencies so that they can capitalize on future opportunities and create a competitive
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