The Imporance of Polymers Today

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A polymer is a large molecule consisting of many smaller subunits known as monomers. There are different types of polymers and many uses for all of them. Even though people may not realize it polymers play an essential role in our everyday life. For polymers range from plastics, PVC, and Styrofoam to key structures in the human body like DNA and proteins which are key components to the human body that makes it possible for each of us to live and be unique. So with out polymers in our body we would be dead, and with out them in our society it would be a drastically changed for the worse to say the least

Polymers are also commonly referred to as plastics so now you can put in to perspective how much we use polymers. You can also realize how damaged and different our world would be with out polymers. Polymers such as plastics have changed the way we do things in our society for the better. With the use of polymers scientist were able to create an effective and cost efficient substitute for metals and ivory, which we used to use for making common items such as handles, pool balls, and game pieces. They were all made of ivory and since ivory is very rare and hard to obtain it raises the prices of all items made of this material. With out plastics plates, cups and silverware would still be being made of metals or other expensive material. But eventually people started replacing these things with plastic. Which is easier to make and cheaper to buy. Over all plastic has countless uses and is currently used to make many objects with out it a lot of items would not be able to be mass produced and would not be affordable to the majority of the people.

To manufacture a man made polymer there are a few natural resources that are required to...

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...n they are not going to be advanced very soon if ever. For even though it is a very useful thing it is also very basic technology used mostly for uncomplicated things.

In conclusion to this I believe there would not be to many people out there who would argue polymers are non-essential after knowing and understanding the contributions they have made to this world. For they have now for many years been good durable material that has a plethora of good uses and with out them our world would be incredibly different. They are inexpensive to manufacture and easy to recycle which not only benefits us but our environment as well. Even though the futures in polymers and plastics technology do not look like it will advance they are still great for making good durable items. With all of this being said polymers over all are and always will be a top contributor to this world.

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  • Explains that polymers are a large molecule consisting of many smaller subunits known as monomers. they include plastics, pvc, and styrofoam.
  • Explains that polymers have changed the way we do things in our society for the better.
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