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1. Aluminum: Aluminum is a silvery-white metal which is a chemical element of boron group represented by symbol Al and have atomic number 13. It has soft ductile nature. Aluminum is abundantly available (third most abundant element). It makes about 8% of the total mass of earth crust. It is very chemically reactive and present with the combination of 270 different minerals. Previously it was produced in 1924 for the first time. Bauxite is the chief ore of aluminum. Aluminum is famous because of its low density and its ability to resist corrosion by using the phenomena of passivation. Alumina is an integral part of an aerospace industry, electrical engineering, and transportation with its other alloys. It is also used in building and window …show more content…

High malleability and corrosion resistance and traditional acoustic characteristics of brass have made its use as a metal of choice in the construction of musical instruments, because acoustic resonators possess long, narrow tubing in the form of folds and coils for compactness. Gold and silver with its alloys are also used for the same purpose but brass is the most economical metal of choice. Musical instruments which are also known as brass instruments include tuba, trombone, trumpet, euphonium, French horn, baritone horn and …show more content…

Synthetic plastics are used widely in food packaging, detergents, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and other chemicals’ packaging. Almost 30% of the synthetic plastics are used for packaging applications in the world and this rate is expanding at 12% per annum. They have replaced traditionally used papers and cellulose products for packaging purposes because of owing better physical and chemical properties. Polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, polyvinyl chloride, polyurethane, poly(ethylene terephthalate), poly(butylene terephthalate) and nylon are most commonly used plastics. Plastics possess not only suitable thermal and mechanical properties but also better stability and durability. Plastics have attractive more public and media attention because of its durability and visibility in a litter as compared to other solid components. In 1993, total world consumption of this material was 107 million tons and it reached to 146 million tons in

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