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Stiffness The effect that this additive has on the polymer in terms of stiffness is that the fillers are very useful because it makes the polymers very strong and stiff. This makes it hard to break. Service life The effect of fillers on polymers is that they are very beneficial because they don’t get ruined for a long time. Glass fillers are the most commonly used fillers in polymers. This is because they last longer and their service life is longer. Strength In terms of strength the fillers are put in the …show more content…

The effect that the additive have on the the polymers is that they are not that expensive. They are very cheap especially when making the polymer product. Stiffness The effect of this additive of the polymer in terms of stiffness is that it affects the polymer in a good way. This is because it makes the polymer stiff and more tough when it is made. Service life In terms of the effect of service life on the polymer, this additive has a long service life. Polyvinyl chloride is a substance that has this additive inside it. Due to this the additive makes the polymer stronger and makes the product last longer. Strength In terms of strength the effect the plasticizers have on the polymers is that the additive makes the polymer have a weak intermolecular force. As a result of this the polymers will be unstable an easier to handle. Due to this the polymer then can be remoulded and tougher and this will increase the polymers …show more content…

Cost The cost of this additive is not that high and it can easily be put inside in the polymer when the product is being made. Stiffness In terms of stiffness this additive is hard and stiff. This affects the polymers in a good way because it acts like a protective shield for the polymer to stop any polymer oxidation on the polymer. Service life The service life of the antioxidants is long but not that long. This is because if the additive starts to weaken due to the harmful polymer oxidation chemicals in the air then this could make the polymer properties to become brittle. Strength The antioxidants are very strong. They are made very strong so that they don’t break or get ruined due to polymer oxidation in the

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