The Impact Of Consumerism

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Consumerism is a global driving force for economic progression. The economic stability of every nation rests upon its consumer activity and how much is sold and manufactured. Amongst the nations with the highest economic stability, there is a major consumption of natural resources. Natural resources were in abundance prior to the Industrial Revolution. After the Industrial Revolution, the world’s supply of natural resources gradually dwindled, especially in the most recent decades. The scientific community has made this issue very clear to the public more than once over the course of history, unfortunately, our society is caught in deep denial and refuses to take actions for the wellness of the shared environment. The environment in which we live in is very vulnerable, but energy supply, agriculture, forestry, and other threats have had a harmful imp I believe that…show more content…
They’re most commonly known for providing clean oxygen for humans to breath. The second largest role that trees have, which has been neglected by a larger portion of our society is the fact that plants are also responsible for recycling some of the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. According to the Environmental Defense Fund, “A leading green group, 32 million acres of tropical rainforest were cut down each year between 2000 and 2009—and the pace of deforestation is only increasing,” (Roddy Scheer/Doug Moss)That’s a stunning number of trees being cut down every year. The reason for deforestation is mainly consumerism. When people like something, they began to ask for more, which is where the concept of supply and demand derives. Another research study from the University of Duke claims that “Development constraints lead to deforestation when an emerging consumer society increases the demand for resources,” (Molly Grace, Biology 217) In other words, as the demand for products made of trees increases, millions of trees are cut for those