Analysis of Challenges to Protecting the Environment

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It is difficult for humans to live in harmony with nature because humans’ selfishness always places profits before our earth’s needs. We live in a consumer society, which we purchase interesting products and dispose of them carelessly. Those products with non-decomposable materials, which make our life easier and more comfortable, result a massive damage to our environment. In the articles, “A Fable for Tomorrow” by Rachel Carson and “Our Animals Rite” by Anna Quindlen, both authors suggest destruction in nature world due to human’s activities. As environment issues presented by scientists, governments around the world start to give highly attention on the environmental protection, but there are many challenges in implementing environmental protection policies. Some of the top environmental concerns are air pollution, climate changing and trash waste. Although people started to aware the horrible consequences due to polluted environment, an efficient life, people apathy toward ecosystem and human's unlimited desires for a confortable life have created obstacles for the world to protect the environment. An efficient life is one of the issues that prevents the government in the world to put full effort into protecting the environment. There is a trade off between a country’s development and environmental policy. For example, China has achieved rapid economic growth through industrialization in past few decades and become one of the largest economic power countries in the world. As a developing country, China wishes to use all the resources in the nature to boost their economic. The government wants to earn more money to improve rural areas in China and to reduce the poverty rate in the country. In order to reach those goals, mirac... ... middle of paper ... ... and profit in exchange for preventing the destruction of environment. It is difficult for humans to give up profits and sacrifice themselves to guard nature world. Although the world notice that using excessive resources the earth provide can lead to devastating result. Concerning the progress of urbanization and industrialization, China does not have too much policy to protecting the nature because it is trade off between economic and environment. The Chinese government chooses to grow China’s economic in order to decrease poverty regardless the population they would create. People’s unlimited want disrupt people put full effort in protecting the nature world. Because of human’s unlimited wants, humans take more and more from the environment in order to improve living standards. Nonetheless, the sacred resources that provided by earth are not enough for people.
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