Theme Of Consumerism In Brave New World

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‘Brave New World’ by Aldous Huxley is a science-fiction book in which people live in a futuristic society and a place called the World State. In ‘Brave New World’, Aldous Huxley used the idea of consumerism to describe the behaviors and lives of the citizens of the World State. The practice of consumerism by the people of the World State fulfilled their satisfactory and happiness. However, it also blinded purity and truth among its people. Different classes and different genders of people practiced different acts of consumerism such as consuming soma, technology and bodies. They sought happiness from them and eventually these acts became a social norm. However, these practices of consumerism also had side effects. It blinded truth such as…show more content…
It included consuming soma, citizens of the World State and bodies for sexual release. However, by the act of consumerism, truth was masked and blinded in order to achieve happiness for the general society. People of the World State consumed soma to escape from the reality that they have to face and the challenge that they have to build. The controllers of the World State-such as Mustapha Mond-consumed people by forcefully conditioning them to get rid of old things and to consume new things and in order to be successful, they got rid of the truth such as the general knowledge of the world. People also consumed each other’s bodies to fulfil their sexual desire. However, they were being conditioned to gain sexual freedom and to forget emotions such as love, hatred, and passion. This act of consumerism brought what is called the “perfect world” in which the world was full of happiness and peace. However, as John came to the World State, he revealed the flaws of the system and what the controllers thought a perfect method to control people-which was consumerism-was actually a tool to bring an end to the World State and establish a ‘Brave New
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