The Impact Of Cell Phones

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Ring! Ring! Hello. Every second billions of cell phones calls occur across the globe. Cell phones have made it so that humans can communicate with each other at ease. Since the telephone’s invention in 1876, it has made human communication easier and added to the convenience of life. Being able to talk to a person that is hundreds, or even thousands of miles away has enhanced our forms of communication. However, when the invention of the first telephone came about, it was only for the elite and required enormous and heavy equipment in order for it to be operable, thus many did not own one. Telephones became major in the 1900s; and eventually a new innovation, the cellular phone, came about in 1973, but still a handful of people did not rely on them, or care for them. The first cell phone was of considerable size and was not available for everyone until around 1992. There are close to 6.8 billion cell phone subscriptions currently and most phones are considered smart phones, cell phones that integrate email, internet, and apps on a touch screen handheld device. The volume of subscriptions of phones are rapidly growing. With the…show more content…
I begin to reflect on how when I lost my phone, I throw a temper tantrum as well. I begin to think deeply about how my phone effected my mood and asked myself: How are smart phones affecting our livelihood? I understand they put ease in our lives, being able to communicate with another human anywhere on the planet that a tower can reach, but what effect are they having on mankind? Have we become addicted to our technical devices? After conducting research on this topic, I found few sources on how they are impacting us. I believe research on this topic of how exactly our phones are impacting us should be considered, for the reason our devices may be doing more harm than good to

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