The Impact Of Advertisement On Sale Growth?

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Now a day’s in modern marketing, advertisement is very important to enhance any business performance as brand image, and also use as utensil to surely alternate consumer buying behavior or influence consumer to purchase products and services. Advertisement is also a mode of communication that convey the message about the brand image and product features to consumers that tells them that this product or brand can surely fulfill their satisfaction what they expected from the product. The purpose of this study is to investigate the impact of advertisement on sale growth. Questioner survey was used to gather the data by using non convenient sampling technique. The finding shows that advertisement has strong influence on consumer buying
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Advertisement has strong positive impact on consumer buying behavior and sale of the brand or product. Advertisement is a big marketing weapon to attract your customers and to stay in customer’s mind (Malik, Ghafoor, & Iqbal, 2013). Consumer buying behavior was conceptualized through three major constructs i.e. brand awareness, brand recalls and brand beliefs and it is disclose that advertisement generates stronger brand recalls and boosts higher brand awareness sale growth (Asghar et al., 2015). Advertisement was found effective promotional tool that generates long lasting impact on consumer cognitive buying process, especially for brand awareness and brand recalls (Tellis, 1988). Advertisement creates special affects in consumer’s mind and generates long lasting brand impressions which keep brands to remain in customer’s instant memory. As a result, customer can easily recall the brand at the point-of-purchase which turns up into favorable purchase decision so managers can confidently rely on advertisement for stronger brand awareness and brand recalls (Pavlou & Stewart, 2000). Advertisement is helpful in establishing brand credibility and brand loyalty have been explored and therefore it is helpful in increase in sale (Asghar et al., 2015; Greenwald & Leavitt, 1984). It’s an
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