Example Of Interpassivity In Advertising

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Robert Pfaller, a professor in Philosophy, he is particularly known for his concepts ‘interpassivity’, ‘thievish joy’ and ‘illusions without owners’. The term interpassivity, which Pfaller has developed incooperation with Slavoj Zizek, combines the words interactivity and passivity and presents a condition of passivity in the presence of the potential of interactivity. Pfaller’s idea was originally motivated by Slavoj Zizek’s observation that our own laughter could not activated by the canned laughter of sitcoms as substitute for it. An example of interpassivity is the way that many people use their video or hard drive to record lots of films more than they can ever watch. But this is strange that it doesn’t make people feel any unsatisfied.…show more content…
Advertising is now as a communication strategy in order to construct consumer’s actions and beliefs about their desire of the products. Most companies will hire advertisement department to promote their products through a creative advertising. However, advertisement not only promotes products for companies but also could influence their sale since the competitive marketing all over the world. All of the companies use advertising to promote their products, therefore, the job of advertisement companies in order to use advertising as a communication strategy and transfer its valuable message to consumers. Since the advertising marketing has become extensive and competitive, for most advertisement companies, the only way to attract audience’s attention is to be more…show more content…
Contrary, the interactive advertising, have the concern of common point between the products and consumers. However, in the present’s world, describe the practical functions and advantages of products are no longer enough for consumers. Consumers are interested in the symbolic value and the imagined beliefs that a brand connects to the product and the image. This is about the concepts “interpassivity”, “thievish joy” and “illusions without owners”, which are describe the interactive communication in the contemporary society. The emotional expression of consumers is delegated to a brand, if a brand can fulfill or provide them psychological needs and experiences. Nonetheless, the relevance between a brand and the symbolic value of its products provided symbolize of the company for consumers. And the effects of a brand’s symbolic capacity are far more important than others. As Markus Walz, Sean Hingston and Mikeal Adehn agree with McCracken’s view point that “ [consumer goods have a significance that goes beyond their utilitarian character and commercial value…their ability to carry and communicate cultural meaning]. Thus, it would seem that although brands may have commercial relevance in their DNA, they have indeed evolved into something beyond that.” (Walz, Hingston and Adehn, 67). Therefore, it is significant for a brand through interactive advertising to

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