The Ideology of Mao Zedong

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t A. Mao ZeDong is one of the greatest leaders in the history of New China. The influence of Mao’s theory is profound and lasting. He is a great thinker, poet, and a highly intelligent military strategist. Under his leadership and the actions he performed during The Long March, Chinese Civil War then defeating the Kuomintang Party to built the New China are the main epic episodes. Mao ZeDong's extravagant actions made two of the many changes to China. They are the shift from a capitalist system to a socialist system and the achievement of China's independence against Japanese imperialism (Somo, 2013a). The influence of Mao’s theory has been widespread to the world up until this day. Especially, in the countries of the third world have been deep-going by his ideology. On December 26, 1893, in ShaoShan, Hunan Province of China, a great leader was born. His father was a successful grain businessman .He was raised up by a nurturing mother who had faith in Buddhism religion. In 1918, Mao ZeDong graduated form the Hunan First Normal School, becoming a certified teacher. He began his political life on 1921 and enlisted in the Communist Party of China(Mao Zedong, n.d.). He became a Marxist while working as a library assistant at the Peking University and served in the revolutionary army during the 1911 Chinese Revolution. In the beginning, Mao worked as a Kuomintang political organizer in Shanghai. Soon, Mao became an early member of the Communist Party. He believed that only the socialism system, not a capitalist system run under the Kuomintang Party can save China. The Kuomintang Party gradually gained power under the help of the Soviet Union. Unfortunately, its leader Sun Yat-sen died in March 12, 1925. The new leader of Kuomintang ... ... middle of paper ... ...War with the Kuomintang Party resumed. In 1945 through four years the Chinese Civil War, The communist Party finally defeated the Kuomintang Party.Mao proudly proclaimed the People’s Republic of China was established and that the Chinese people had stood up. Now, Mao ZeDong can built a socialist system under his government, because he believed this system is suitable for China. Under a socialist system, everyone got an equal pay to avoid polarization and the crime rate was significantly low. Ever since Mao's victory against the Japanese invaders, China was able to stand independently. Mao ZeDong leaved us in 1979. His theory still remained as a great influence to this generation. Even in this present day, political scientists around the world still conduct ongoing researches about his magnificent theory. His contributions are not to China, but to the whole world.
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