The Chinese Revolution

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The Revolution that Changed the Chinese Society
As it’s known around the world, Chinese political system is Communism. Some may say that communism is good and bad. Well it all began when Mao Zedong came into power, his ideas influenced Chinese people and how the true way of living is. The introduction of communism into China changed how people perceived each other. One of his first ideas was “The Great Leap Forward,” which a lot of historians considered as a failure because its initial goals were never met. The Chinese society was losing faith in Mao, and not loyal to him. In desperate needs, Mao came up with the “Cultural Revolution” or also known was “The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution”. Mao main goal was to turn all people to follow the idea of communism, but not in the way like Russia did. Even though a huge amount of people died and harmed the future image of China. Mao did whatever it took to make people to follow his ideas, he didn’t matter what the consequences were, and he was willing to kill anybody who was a “counter revolutionary.” Well, was his idea successful? it mostly depends on your point of view. According to, successful mean achieving or having success. This revolution has impacted everybody, with witnessed accounts during the Mao’s rule. At last, did it work? In the following essay, Mao’s ideas how people view communism as a form of a government than the abuse of power.
During the society, when China was involved in WWII and a civil war after. The entire nation was devastated with the Japanese invading China. This brought a huge setback to the developing society, between 10-20 million Chinese people were killed. ( The society during the revolution was still in recovery afte...

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...ism is not love. Communism is a hammer which we use to crush the enemy.” Mao did what was more important to the Chinese society no matter the consequences to achieve it. Mao did a lot of good things for China, but the overall impact was in great amount that the good part couldn't cover up the bad parts in its revolution. One of the major impacts was his bad start of “The Great Leap Forward,” then to “The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution” had to make up the losses. Many historians see this revolution was a failure, even though he did accomplish some of its goals. When Mao had power in the hands, he had to deal with numbers of interventions, from beginning to end. He faced criticisms when his first idea failed. Then with intervention of the US. At last the revolution changed people way of thinking, doing and equality. Everything was done for the good of China.
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