The Globe Theater

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The Globe Theater is truly a magnificent site that reminds us of our early theater. It was built in 1599 and lasted until 1613. It was rising to popularity with other theatres during this time and was built along with many other. Literature exploded with new forms of writing and various attractive playwrights. People during this time were very excited for entertainment and many different kinds of it such as. Theater was an influential part in the middle ages during the Elizabethan era. It was mainly called the Wooden O by Shakespeare and others. Although the Globe today is rebuilt and 750ft away from where it used to be, the original Globe was an amazing structure, served as entertainment for people and had a mark on history by serving one of the most famous writers, William Shakespeare.
The globe was actually based off a previous theater. The theater before the globe was owned by James Burbage. It was pretty popular and ran for about twenty years. After his death his two sons, Richard and Cuthbert became the managers. When the lease for the land of the globe was coming to an end, the two brothers dismantled the theater during Christmas break when the owner was away. They transferred all the timber and materials across the lake where they leased new land. Soon, with the help of their friends the original Globe theatre was built. Shakespeare was one of the investors of the Globe along with the others and partly owned the theater. There was a saying called “the world is a stage” so they came to call it the Globe Theatre. It quickly became very popular with numerous acts and plays. Many people would come to watch and sometimes the theater would hold over thousands of people. Rich people would often sit in the top to get a better vie...

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...tch for the roof from samples that were found. So far the Globe is the truly a recreation of how it looked based on the evidence used.
In conclusion, the Globe Theater, which came to be how it is today after being reconstructed three times, never lost its fame. The New Globe Theater also tied up some good relationships between Britain and The United States of America in addition to the magnificent project Sam Wannamaker started to complete. It let people experience theater in a different level and contributed to their interpretation of some of Shakespeare’s greatest plays. He produced the most sophisticated and entertaining plays of his time and this is why the Globe is so famous due to his presence. It is amazing how one person could change our views on literature and history as well as make a once simple thatch roof building stand out among the rest of its kind.
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