The Generation Of Generation X

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Imagine taking a step back a few decades to the 1960’s, where the newest generation of that time was just being born. Generation X is the generation born after the Baby-Boomers, meaning this generation had been born anywhere from 1960-1980. During this time there was no such thing as Facebook or Twitter, technology wasn’t as advanced as now, the Second World War had ended and many political events such as the Vietnam War, The Women’s Movement, and the Jonestown Mass Suicide helped influence this generation. It is clear there was a lot of war and bad things that shaped Generation X, all making it so the people growing up during this time had to do it a lot faster than they should have. Therefore when Generation Y came along of course there would be critics as to how these people chose to live their lives. Those from Generation Y are often referred to as lazy, entitled, or even in a slightly less serious view as the Facebook Generation. There are many reasons as to why Generation Y could be considered ‘lazy’ or ‘immature’, and a lot of them have something to do with the fact that many are unemployed or haven’t chosen which career field they want to pursue, are seen as delaying adulthood, or even that they haven’t started a family of their own. Being as I am apart of Generation Y, I agree with some of these views but overall I think that people are too harsh when judging this generation. Not having a family of your own by the age of 25 is one of the main reasons those from other generations consider Generation Y as the ones not fulfilling their lives. In the article “Generation Y: Why We Are Constantly Labeled as Lazy and Entitled Millennials” written by Maja Zavrnsnik, the author attempts to discredit multiple reasons that Generatio... ... middle of paper ... ... person that I am today. So why is it that when younger people go out and experience all of these new things life has to offer, they are immediately criticized for it? It is easy to see that times have changed and so has the way of living. So while those from generations before may call us lazy and entitled, they are only doing so because they don’t understand what is happening and all of the new opportunities around us. Not one thing is going to be the same in each generation, and each generation certainly has its flaws. I do agree that there is a lot of laziness in Generation Y, but I do not think that when speaking about the whole generation one can say it is a lazy one. People are out there every day trying to figure out what they want in life because it didn’t come to them at an early age like it does for some. That is not laziness, it is the complete opposite.

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