Are Millennials A Generation Of Slackers?

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Generation Y Not
Generation Y, more commonly referred to as the “millennials”, is today’s group of young people. Similar to other generations, each cohort is labeled with unique characteristics and inevitably faces adversities while taking its place in society. Many American’s today debate their views on the youngster generation, but none the less all sides can agree the discussion has become a hot topic. Catherin Rampell creates an open discussion in her article, A Generation of Slackers? Not So Much, addressing the main issue: Are millennials a generation of slackers. I feel strongly that my views align with Rampell’s, in believing my generation has already begun to show its capability of doing great things. Through analysis of the text and my own personal experience I am able to dispute the opposition towards my generation as well as, express the positive relationship of millennials in
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Studies show that opposed to popular opinion, community service has increased and looks to continue that way. The data shows Generation Y and their amount of charitable giving. “Between 1989 and 2006, the share of teenagers who were volunteering doubled, to 26.4 percent from 13.4 percent, according to a report by the Corporation for National and Community Service”. Also, “incoming college freshmen who say they plan to volunteer is at a record high” (11). I think anyone would agree that the rise in community service combats the degrading stereotype placed on the younger generation. As a former social chair of a sorority I can say that I spent a large amount of time doing philanthropic work with multiple organizations including Girls on the Run, Special Olympics, and town cleanups. I believe that millennials bring a new spirit of togetherness that everyone could take away from. With teamwork a common goal of unity and stability is being created amongst the new

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