The Falling Star: Marilyn Monroe's Rise and Fall

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Self-development has great importance in society because it allows to an individual to further and improve aspects of themselves in order to obtain a better understanding of themself and adapt better in the world that we live in. With this, one can find and make the necessary changes in order to improve aspects of their lives bringing them closer to success and their goal. The self-development of an individual, through the analysis of Marilyn Monroe’s life, shows its major impact in the furtherance of one’s life.

Born as Norma Jeane Mortenson on June 1st, 1926, Marilyn had a difficult upbringing due to the uncertainty of the identity of her father and her mother being mentally and financially unstable to care and raise her. This led Mortenson to be passed around from family members to family friends and foster homes, where she would be neglected, assaulted and sexually assaulted. Despite the many traumatic situations she’s encountered, she found her interest in beauty and acting inspired by one of her trustworthy guardians. This gave Mortenson a goal and hope in her difficult life.
Looking at self-development, she has successfully done so beginning by working in an airplane factory while her first husband was on duty overseas, she was noticed by one of the officers who encouraged her to model which led her to sign with The Blue Book Modelling Agency. Conformity played a huge role in her identity; since in order to fit their needs, Mortenson dyed her hair blonde and changed her name to a seductive one, “Marilyn Monroe”. Her beauty quickly got her successful and noticed. After some time, she landed a contract with Twentieth Century Fox which jump started her acting career. Her seductiveness and dramatic abilities caught the publ...

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...unded leaving him to commit suicide, refusing to surrender, just when he reaches “the top of the world” by blowing up the huge gas tank he was on. As for the beauty icon, just as she succeeded to gain national and international fame through her acting and photography and reached the peak of her career, her life began to be slowly being drained by her deteriorating mental and physical health. Soon enough, the starlet’s life tragically ends which was caused by substance abuse.

To conclude, Marilyn Monroe’s character and experiences shows the great effect of one’s self-development in the advancement of an individual’s life, towards their set-goal or success. The legacy also shows how one can fall from their spotlight upon reaching it. This goes to show that self-development does not end once you reach the peak, your goal or “success” and that it is always on-going.

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