Marilyn Monroe Life And Influences

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Marilyn Monroe (Monroe) was an image of fashion and beauty in the 20th century. Overcoming a traumatic childhood to become one of the most confident women. Making bold provocative, but, fashionable statements about how women should be confident about their own body image. Without the help of others, she would not have become the person she is known as today. Marilyn Monroe, a famous actress, who has influenced the rest of the world. June 1, 1926 in Los Angeles, California Norma Jeane Mortenson was born. She never knew her father and her mother is Gladys Baker, Gladys has psychiatric problems and was placed into a mental institution. One of Monroe's earliest memories of her mother is Gladys trying to smother her with a pillow in her crib (“Marilyn Monroe.”). As she grew up, she spent most of her time in eleven foster homes and one orphanage. (“18 Things...Monroe.”). Until she was seven she was in foster homes until her mother got her back but soon after her mother was declared insane and had to go to a psychiatric hospital (Bradshaw, Lauren). While Monroe was in foster homes she was sexually…show more content…
June 19, 1942 she married her highschool sweetheart James Dougherty (“Marilyn Monroe.”) and moved to Van Nuys, California. While in Van Nuys, James was sent to the south pacific for World War II and Marilyn worked at Radio Plane Company. While James was away she was discovered by a photographer and enrolled in a three month modeling class (“Marilyn Monroe...Born.”). The photographer was taking pictures of women that were helping with the war. The photographer was so impressed by Marilyn that he told he to apply for a job at Blue Book Model Agency. In 1946 she was on 33 magazine covers and was posing for the best photographers (Bradshaw, Lauren). By 1946 when James returned, she had a successful modeling career that she was very focused on, causing a divorce. (“Marilyn

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