Marilyn Monroe

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“I can be selfish, Impatient and I can be a little insecure. I make mistakes I am out of control” is a quote by Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn Monroe was born as Norma Jeane Baker on June, 1 1926. Marilyn Monroe had a huge effect on plastic surgery, fashion sense, and make people happy in her career as a entertainer. She was very influential to women. Marilyn Monroe was also a Civil Rights Supporter. Marilyn Monroe had tons of surgery done. She was very insecure about the way she looked as a child. Marilyn Monroe had plastic surgeries done including Rhinoplasty as well chin implant made up of carved Bovine cartilage. (Shah). Marilyn Monroe is said to be one of the quintessential icons of sex appeal, beauty, and also Hollywood Glamour. (Shah.) Marilyn had a huge impact on fashion also. Paired with blonde curls her bright red lipstick dramatic eyelashes and high arched brows she has became one of the most popular women of fashion. She wore pan collars poodle skirts or a beautiful dress. Marilyn Monroe even had her own clothing line that’s named after her called The Marilyn Monroe Collection. Its sold at department stores such as Macy’s. She had a shoe brand that’s also named after her called The Marilyn Monroe Shoe Collection can which also be sold in department stores. She had a great sense for fashion. She was the self proclaimed Fashionista. (Shah.) Marilyn Monroe had a great taste in clothing and footwear. Her clothes and shoes are vintage style clothing. Many celebrities admire Marilyn style and maybe even mimic it. For example Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj. Multi-platinum selling pop star and r&b vocalist Beyoncé participated in a photo-shoot that was inspired by Marilyn Monroe and her outlook on Women Suffrage. Nicki Minaj produ... ... middle of paper ... never belonged to anything or anyone else” is another quote by Marilyn Monroe. Works Cited “200 years of US-Russian Relations” (online) . 07 may 2014 “About the Crisis” (online) . 07 May 2014 “Castro Urges Nuclear Attack on America” (Online) <>. 05 May 2014. “Cold War” (online) 07 May 2014 "Cold War History" (online)>. 03 April 2014 “The Cold War Museum” (online) . 09 April 2014 “The Cuban Missile Crisis” (online) . 07 May 2014 “What Was The Cold War?” (online)>. 03 April 2014

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