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Marilyn Monroe was considered a sex symbol, a determined female icon, and a great actress. She had a very tough life, and faced many challenges, yet she kept moving forward with confidence. Noted for her various movies, photographs, and modeling career, Marilyn made a name for herself during the 1960’s. she was the type of woman you could see helping everyone in her way. She was Longing for love in her life, and was divorced multiple times. At the end of her days, she ran into problems such as drugs and never escaped them. Marilyn Monroe had a tragic end to life, nut her legacy still lives on today.
She was born June 1, 1926 in los Angelo’s, California. Her real mothers name is Gladys Mortenson and died of Paranoid Schizophrenic. She was then left to foster homes.( Taraborrelli.) Marilyn Monroe spent most of her years in foster homes. She was left behind just when she was a baby. She was sexually assaulted since she was eleven. The way she could get away from it was to get married and that’s what she did. Her first marriage was when she was 16. Growing up she was named Norma jean mortenson. She later then changed her name to Marilyn Monroe just before her first contract (“ Marilyn Monroe. Encyclopedia Britannica.)
Marilyn was not the usual movie idol. She was called many different things like: sex appeal, and a vulnerability, and determined to a legend. She wasn’t just your average girl. ( “ Marilyn Monroe.” Encyclopedia Britannica.). She craved attention and was also a very needy person. She loved the spotlight her directors gave her and that’s why she was in or made that many movies. She was always caught saying her lines while walking down the street. She played as many different people in movies. Giving her the desire ...

... middle of paper ... more and more movies. Her career was great in the beginning but didn’t turn out well later in life. Many people see her as a role model and others don’t care for her. She was a great person all together and had a big caring heart. Marilyn had a tragic end to life, but her legacy still lives today.

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