The Environment And The Environment

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What I Do, What I Could Do, What I Will Do.
The environment has a great impact on human health and development. It intertwines with our lifestyle for us to attain the highest possible quality of health. The natural environment is known to be a determinant to human health. For example, air quality affects persons with respiratory diseases. The environment not only affects the well-being of humans but animals as well. Animals depend solely on the environment as it is a means of their survival. Environmental issues have caused a great disturbance because of human activity or I would say human carelessness. These environmental issues have caused mass destruction, death, poverty, and fear in many countries. They have also caused hundreds or thousands
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I had knowledge of a few environmental issues such as pollution and global warming affecting the world. But it never occurred to me how serious these situations were in different countries. I only see my actions as helping the environment in a small way by keeping it clean. I do not litter because I despise seeing the sight of trash on the ground. When I do see a recycle bin available I dispose my recyclables the correct bin. While staying on campus I realize that the university does not express recycling and I end up disposing my trash in the large garbage bins. This is just an addition to the amount waste being buried under ground. The toxins from the waste that can possibly be absorbed by plants or leached into the ground water. The water that we desperately need to drink and use every day. Also I try to eat healthy foods such as greens and fruits than meats and maintain my portions. I take short showers and use more cool water to save electricity. I make an effort to use less electricity as my mother taught me that using less power would reduce the cost of the current bill. However, I realized that I still leave the light on when I should not. In addition, when I am driving back at home in the Caribbean I was not concerned about the amount of carbon dioxide polluting the atmosphere. I was more concerned about my mother scolding me about the amount of gas…show more content…
I will first educate the student body on the environmental issues and solutions to reduce the effects. If students are not educated on the environmental issues the world is facing, they will not be conscience of their own surrounding becoming a hazard to their health. I will start by encouraging my roommate to turn off the light when she is not using it, conserve water, and recycle. Then I will move on to encouraging my classmates, professors, the student body, and even the public to do the same. Examples of what I should do will be what all students should do to help preserve the environment. I will go to the head of the school and negotiate about more recycling promotions, promoting healthy eating, and seminars about the environment. We cannot wait for more of the human population to perish to do something about it. We cannot bring back the dead and we cannot make a change in a day. Everything takes time, patience, and dedication which is a crucial task for humanity. But are we dedicated enough to make a change in our lives to save the

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