Human Impact on the Environment

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Human Impact on the Environment



In this project I aim to explain the contributes to the environment by

the actions of humans and display the consequences.

I am going to divide the project into different sections and then sub

sections to make the project easier to navigate around and keep the

information in relevant sections.


ü The building of houses and roads

ü Quarrying

ü Farming

ü The draining of wetland areas

ü Recreational uses

· Section 2: POLLUTION.

ü WATER POLLUTION- sewage, fertilisers, chemicals and eutrophication.

ü AIR POLLUTION- Sulphur dioxide from burning fossil fuels leading to

acid rain, carbon dioxide from burning of fossil fuels and methane

from cattle and rice fields leading to greenhouse effect and global


ü LAND POLLUTION - pesticides, herbicides, and nitrates wash into

rivers and lakes affecting food chains.

Habitat reduction by Humans


Human beings are dependent on the Earth's diversity of species for our

survival. Wild species play a vital role in the maintenance of the

planets ecological functions, yet everyday on the planet 40-100

species become extinct. Many countries across the world have not got

an endangered species act that is strong enough to protect varying

species from the destruction of humans.

All over the globe humans are determined in building more houses and

roads to supply the growing population of it's residence, making their

lives easier but not sparing a thought to the many habitats, lives and

even species that they will destroy when doing so. A recent local case

has been the building of the BNRR. When building houses and roads

fields, rivers, ponds, and reservoirs get destroyed along with many

animals habitat, leaving them with no where to live and will probably


The whole point of crop farming (monoculture) is to remove a mixed

population of trees, shrubs etc and replace it with a dense population

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