The Effect of Feedback on Performance and Self-Concept

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High performing cultures continually strive for improvement. Continuous feedback is required for this continuous improvement. Without feedback, you are walking blind. At best, you will accidentally reach your goal. At worst, you will wander aimlessly through the dark, never reaching your destination (Retrieved September 28, 2013 from Dodging feedback can be very harmful; one always remains stuck in that particular situation. Positive or negative feedback not only enhances/deteriorates performance but also has a huge effect on one’s self-concept. Self-concept is a collection of one’s beliefs about oneself; mental image, self-worth and self-competence. Leaders need to be careful while giving negative feedback, when providing their specific suggestions; they must also talk about positives too. This helps put the person in a comfortable position. If this is not done, negative feedback can lead to a negative self-concept. This research study will examine and consider various effects of feedback on job performance and self-concept.
Performance review or evaluation is one thing that makes our heart sink. During childhood, our teachers used to evaluate us in school and parents used to try to do the same at home. This has not changed much after growing up. Teachers have been replaced by managers and supervisors. Even though it is scary to know how well or poor one has performed, feedback always brings about some sort of change in the way we think or work. This change is essential to kill the monotony of work. Extensive research has been conducted to evaluate the impact of feedback on performance and self-concept.

Core self-evaluation traits –self -esteem, generalized self-efficacy, locus of control, and emotional stabilit...

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...nstructive steps to prove themselves. Employees at the top level tend to work harder because they are perceived as role models by others in the organization.
Criticism is an inevitable part of life but one should know the right way to handle it. Managers are taking out time from their busy schedule to review employee’s performance indicates that they care and value their employee’s inputs. Managers wish to contribute to the growth and trajectory of their employee’s career. Feedback is not about personal attacks, it is about improvement. For more happiness at work, it seems to be essential to listen to what the boss has to say and switch off the defense mechanisms.
For maintaining high employee retention, enhancing work productivity, and reducing the amount of turnover, it is essential to deliver feedback that acts as a morale booster and does not hurt one’s ego.
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