Intermediate Leadership Reflection

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During my time in the Intermediate Leadership Course (ILE) there have been many topics covered. Each of these topics were geared toward increasing our effectiveness as leaders. Many of the concepts were known, but not practice, while some were unknown. This experience has given me the insights and tools to improve in multiple ways as a leader. In the next three to five years I will take the steps necessary to utilize what I have learned and apply these concepts to be a better leader, peer, and subordinate. The very first thing I found during my time with this course is that I often struggle with self-awareness. I must actively seek feedback from my subordinates, peers, and leaders. This will ensure that I am not languishing under a false sense of how I am perceived. It will give me a better picture of who I am as a person and a leader. I will be more open to the feedback given and use it as an opportunity to learn and grow. Understanding that need for growth both professionally and …show more content…

It will give me the tools to adapt to different situations and people. Over the next several years it will be imperative to focus on this. Seizing every opportunity to refine my approach will enhance the skills at my disposal to evaluate and assess diverse situations and individuals. I will be more cognizant of the needs of my peers and leadership, as well as any feedback they might offer. Using this feedback constructively, will allow me the ability to better utilize my subordinates and continue to become a stronger leader. I always want to remember, “I don’t know what I don’t know!” This feedback will help me become more aware of those things that are unknown to me. Furthermore, by becoming more self-aware and knowing my peers, subordinates, and leaders will give me the insight to know when to empower my “Airmen” or when to step into a follower role with a

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