The Effect Of Climate Change

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Adaptive challenge refer to a concept or way of thinking that addressed the problem. As we all know, Asia has become an indispensable role in the development of globalization, and Asia has promoted the economic development in the globalization, Asia gradually become the dominant position. In the modern process of rapid globalization, complex global supply chains and networks have emerged of the value-added chain. Even though an item may be a result of global production. Therefore, if climate change damage to any part of the supply chain, will have an impact on the entire chain. Following the increase in climate - induced natural disasters, such effects will also increase. So the effects of climate change is a serious challenge in globalization. For example, just like the tsunamis and earthquakes happened in Japan 2011, it led to decrease the productions and export of the auto industries, and it cause a huge effect around the world. In addition, differently from earthquakes, the number of disasters caused by climate change will be continues to rise, while the human burning of fossil fuel emissions of greenhouse gases are still increasing the instability of the climate system. There is another example from Thailand, a lot of factory production equipment was submerged in the disastrous monsoon flooding that occurred in 2011, it caused seriously affected the country 's high-tech production operation, the global shortage of hardware. One of the two most commonly used vegetable oil in the global food production of coconut oil produced in Philippines is also important in 2013 suffered a typhoon the raids, caused a huge effect to the global supply of coconut oil. In order to addressing the problem, firstly mitigation can be effective in c... ... middle of paper ... ...and better talk, so they can use social networks such as YouTube, Facebook, to upload some of the issues of today 's society. This can make more people and countries to see it, when the problem became a focal point, people and government will do something and fix the problems. People also can show their countries’ issues through the television, these technologies are becoming more different way for people to use. In conclusion, Asia is facing the huge impacts of climate change, also facing a serious challenge in the face of the effects of Globalization, Climate change has affected many developing countries in Asia, it makes them more difficult in the path of the development of globalization, countries and governments need to pay more attention to the situation of environmental changes in the country 's economic environment, as well as improve the environmental level.

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