The Decline of Letter Writing

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The Decline of Letter Writing Its always nice to go back and look at old love letters, but will it be just as sweet when you look back at old love emails? Letter writing has declined greatly as a form of communication in recent years. People no longer take time to sit down and write family and friends letters. Letter writing was one of the few ways to communicate over long distances during the 1800’s. Since the invention of the telephone and the Internet people have turned to more practical ways of communication. Also the speed of society has changed to where society wants to know everything the moment it happens. If you look in your mailbox most likely you will not find a personal letter. People have started to use other forms of communication. The telephone is one form of communication that almost everyone uses to speak with friends, family, and business associates. Information travels faster today than ever before. People use the telephone over letter writing because it is more efficient. With the telephone it is possible to transfer ideas and feelings quicker and receive a response to them faster than if a letter was written to that person. People also do not always have time to write a letter, and so it is easier to pickup the telephone and call the person who they need to communicate with. A telephone call can be made from anywhere at anytime. A letter can not be written at anytime, and especially when a reply is needed right away. Another advantage the telephone has over letters is the fact that a person can hear who they are speaking to adding a more personal touch. A widely used form of communication has almost overcome even the telephone as the most used way to communicate it is called the Internet. In recent years people have logged on to the Internet to talk to friends and family. These people can make new friends and talk to many people across the world at the same time. The Internet has a great advantage over the letter in that it offers letter writing as well as real time communication. The letter writing is in the form email. With email people can send and receive many different files with each letter to enhance the experience.

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