Electronic Mail (e-mail)

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Electronic Mail (e-mail)

Electronic Mail, a means of communication that is growing at a very rapid rate. In this paper, I will write about introduction of e-mail, the advantage and disadvantage of e-mail, mailing lists, sending an e-mail message, sending attachments, e-mail improvement, and security features. Introduction of Electronic Mail Electronic mail (E-mail) has become popular and easy way of communication in this decade. E-mail is a method of sending and receiving document or message from one person to another. E-mail is not only replacement for postal mail and telephones, and also it is a new medium. E-mail send plain text, images, audio, spreadsheets, computer programs can attach to an e-mail message. Using the e-mail, you must have a computer on a network. The computer must require a modem and phone line. Sending and receiving e-mail needs an e-mail program. Every e-mail user requires an e-mail address. This e-mail address is similar to a postal address. E-mail address is written as username@domain, for instance, The username is used for sending and receiving e-mail.

E-mail systems are already widespread around the world within this decade. Nowadays, if you mail a letter to your friend who is thousand miles away from you, how long would you expect your friend will receive it? Normally, by using the traditional postal system, it might need one to two weeks to transport the letter. However, e-mail system can handle this task by only a minute or ev...
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