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Throughout history, writing has had many various uses that have helped record information from history to the present day. Writing has obtained many different uses as to how and what we use writing today. When writing was formed in 3200 B.C. it was used to record and communicate. We have since then used writing for numerous issues such as recording information in which we may learn about the past, and for poetry or literature for people, both children and adults, to read and learn from. People throughout history and today even use writing for religious reasons such as writing out a prayer to God or even taking note on what has happened or talked of in the sermon.
Not only has writing revolutionized, nevertheless writing utensils have as well. Writing utensils have gone from bone, to clay, to pen and pencil in thousands of years. With bone, you would scratch the bone against the clay to create the letters. With clay, cuneiform was formed and written by taking a wedge utensil and make the letters on a clay tablet. And today we use pen and pencil to take notes, write down information, and communicate.
So yes, writing has improved much from when it was formed by the Sumerians in 3200 B.C. We went from clay, to paper, and have many different sorts of writing that are available to people today to use and to develop; such as cuneiform and hieroglyphics from thousands of years ago. Here in the present day, we even partake in diverse types of writing in literature such as fiction, non-fiction, scientific, etc. to create different feelings for the reader.
Sumerians created writing in 3200 B.C., which at the time, was used for recording and communication. However, from 10,000- 40,000 B.C., cave paintings...

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