The Curse Of Pollution And Deforestation In India

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The Curse of Pollution and Deforestation

Pollution has been a nasty irritant since the day it was first introduced, thanks mainly to the industrial revolution. Due to the increase in the human population over the centuries, new technologies have improved the way of life, but at a cost. Pollution (whether air, water, soil or food) alongside deforestation has had adverse effects on human life. Pollution and deforestation has become one of the most ignored aspects of human nature. It’s become similar to the Loch Ness monster where have the world cares for it while the other, simply doesn’t. Thousands of trees are chopped everyday to pave way for human life. Fossil fuels, and ammonia are used everyday by factories and farmers respectively, contributing …show more content…

India is one of the countries that use the most amounts of fossil fuels in a given day (Sequeira 2008). There are more cars on the road than ever. For instance, the number of private vehicles rose from 1.5 million in 1997 to 4.5 million in 2006 (Sequeira 2008). An increase of about 963 private cars per day certainly causes air pollution to increase and thus increasing the chances of chronic respiratory diseases. The areas with high pollutants put the most burdens on children, mainly those younger than 5 years. Lung cancer has become one of the leading causes of deaths in India (Smith 2000). In fact, more than 150,000 people (per 500,000) die each year due to poor care from pollution. Lung cancer can be passed on through genetics or through environmental components. Most of the people who have lung cancer receive it either from indoor or outdoor air pollution. Indoor air pollution that causes lung cancer is associated with cooking with open coal stoves, and smoke inhalation (Smith 2000). Meanwhile, outdoor air pollution is caused by burning of fossil fuels, and nitrogen oxides (Smith 2000). Although low exposures to coal burning are not a major aspect in lung cancer, prolonged exposure can cause serious lung cancer. Outdoor air pollution is really common in urban areas. As mentioned above, New Delhi has almost 5 million private cars, which lead to huge increase in pollutants causing lung …show more content…

Although India’s air pollution is worse than United States’, United States still shares a fair amount of air pollution. Through countless studies, air pollution directly affects the respiratory system (Bronchitis, lung cancer etc.). India, wanting to become a more developed nation, prioritizes industrialization more. Rather, they should prioritize the environment more and work around it with better technology. India’s pollution has decreased over the years bringing down the deaths by lung cancer to a mere 0.4% (Smith 2000). The United States also has decreased air pollution but respiratory problems still remain (COPD etc.). Looking through the ethnic standpoint, people of Asian descent and Hispanics are more likely to be effected by air pollution than Caucasians and African Americans. Although, one thing to keep in mind is that, the location plays a major role. Thus, regulating air pollution is a major issue. It should be done. With all the data mentioned above and countless studies worldwide, air pollution is a clear threat to the human population. Pollution needs to

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