The Business Strategy Of Aliibaba's Marketing Strategy

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Marketing Alibaba’s marketing strategy is mainly about raising its exposure to attract more customers join it. Basically, people can see Alibaba everywhere. At the beginning, Alibaba implement free membership to attract merchants to conduct business on its platform. After a large number of merchants registered and becoming the member of the company, Alibaba started to charge register fee, value added service fee and listing fee to make profits. In addition, Alibaba is very active in many big forums. Alibaba joins the activities hosting by the forums very often. The purpose is to get more people learn about Alibaba and remember the company. Furthermore, Alibaba uses some popular bloggers to write something about Alibaba and put its links in…show more content…
When people choose to shop online, they have to take the risk that the quality of the product is poor, the color is different, or the product is missing after it has been shipped from the merchant and so on. Compare to shop online, shopping in a physical store is more convenient and fast. Customers can touch and see the quality and color of the products; even they have the chance to try it. In this case, they have enough information to make the decision of buying or not. In addition, customers can shop with confidence because shopping in a physical store can make them avoid the risk in the process of payment, such as fraud. However, opening a physical costs more and not convenient for customers. Therefore, for long-term view, e-commerce will keep expanding and replace traditional way of shopping in some…show more content…
Therefore, Alibaba has multiple choices of suppliers, and the cost switching to another hardware suppliers is low. Moreover, Alibaba has its own excellent software development team, so it doesn’t need to rely on outsiders. On the other hand, Alibaba’s suppliers also involve merchants, such as wholesalers and retailers because they provide information to Alibaba. In this case, the merchants have to strongly rely on Alibaba, because of Alibaba’s strong brand influence. During these years expanding, Alibaba accumulated large volume of customer base, and there is no company can catch up with it so
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