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For most, the primary fears associated with cancer are connected to the effects of treatments. If the patient is diagnosed when the cancer is still in the early stages, more than likely surgery is the appropriate treatment. However if the cancer has developed into an advanced stage, a more drastic treatment is necessary. What exactly is Chemotherapy and why would it also kill “good” cells? Cancer could be described as the disease that sends cells out of control, rapidly multiplying the cells, until it harms the body. Chemotherapy is an effective drug treatment intended to treat individuals with various forms of cancer. Generally, this type of treatment is nonspecific, and non-molecular that uses chemical agents to break down all dividing cells. Chemotherapy, or chemo for short, destroys cancer cells, and can also cease the reproduction or spreading of these cells. Despite having apparent benefits, this type of treatment comes at a cost, presenting several disadvantages and side effects. Chemotherapy comes with a heavy burden, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, anemia, infections, and fatigue is a few of the short-term side effects. This analysis examines chemotherapy as a type of cancer treatment, as well as evaluating complimentary and alternative medicines. THE DEVELOPMENT OF CHEMOTHERAPY In the beginning of the 20th century, scientists were experimenting with a wide range of chemicals to develop a method that may affect several diseases in hopes of producing a cure. A German chemist, Paul Ehrlich, who was experimenting treatments of syphilis with chemical methods, created the term “chemotherapy” (Bonander, 2011). It wasn’t until 1943 when the United State’s secret chemical weapon program discovered that nitrogen mustard, also know... ... middle of paper ... ... basis of nitrogen mustard. Theoritically, by treating the patient with poison, it will destroy all types of cells. Then hopefully, once the body is wiped clean, it will be able to recover without any trace of the disease. When this type of treatment is the main standard of fighting cancer, it is understandable that many turn to complementary and alternative medicines, including dietary supplements, natural products, or mind and body practices. Cancer patients will go to extreme lengths to fight the disease, control its symptoms, and to suppress the side effects of the treatment. Although chemotherapy does put patients at risk of harmful side effects, it and the other conventional methods produce a better outcome of remission than alternative medicines alone. Patients should be advised to consult with oncologist about a combination of treatments for best results.

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