The Benefits of Producing and Eating Organic Foods

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There are many reasons why organic farming techniques are becoming all the rage, but the most important reasons have to do with preserving people’s health, the animal’s health, and the earth’s health. Organic farmers are as skilled in the use of biological and mechanical controls of insects as conventional farmers are in spraying chemicals. The argument starts because there is no denying that ingesting chemicals are harmful to people. Feeding a kid non-organic apple juice might be like putting Windex in a sippy cup. The word organic refers to a natural method of farming that produces food without using any artificial pesticides, chemicals, or hormones while relying on soil organisms, insects, and birds to keep bugs in check. If society is serious about eating healthier, there appears to be an opportunity to change things. Although the government regulates pesticides in food in conventional farming, to a larger extent, organic farming benefits a person’s health because the food one eats has a bearing on one's state of mind and well-being and ingesting chemicals is unhealthy.

A cultural shift to organic is critical for human and environmental benefits for three reasons. First, a person’s physical condition depends on eating high-quality foods. Organic foods do not contain any artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, or pesticides making them good choices to build a fit body. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that 60 % of herbicides, 90 % of fungicides, and 30 % of pesticides, all chemicals used in conventionally grown agriculture, cause cancer (“The Top 10 Reasons. . .”). The conclusion is that these chemicals are poisons designed to kill living organisms and can harm humans. Second, because organic far...

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