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1453 words

As we stroll the aisles of our local supermarkets we see all kinds of food products, but does it ever occur to you how fresh or natural these products maybe. Organic farming prohibits any use of artificial chemicals, growth hormones, or antibiotics in the production of its crops and livestock. Organic farming has existed for centuries, but after the industrial revolution factory farming was arising. Organic farming does not allow the use of any pesticides in its crops or livestock production, but also helps sustain a good economic flow in rural communities. Although there are many benefits of organic farming, there is a lack of credibility some farmers provide within the distribution of their products and some argue that there’s no difference …show more content…

Thirty years later, organic farming was in high demand, but suffered developing pains. Although there was agreements being made, there was no regulations put forth towards organic farming. Fast forwarding to present time, many consumers are starting to purchase organic food products even making it a trend. Written in Inouye, Alena, and McCauley’s 2006 article “Organic Farming Should Be Pursued”, “organic farming is gaining in popularity due to Americans ' increasing concern about food safety and environmental protection.” This quote assumes the reasoning behind the sudden popularity in organic farming is society’s attraction towards the idea of a cleaner food industry and environment. The article also mentions, “As a result, sales of organic foods in the United States have increased by more than 20 percent every year since 1996, reaching $7.8 billion in 2000.”(Inouye, Alena, McCauley) The fact that popularity towards organic farming grows at a rate of 20 percent every single year further proves how its movement has such an impact towards the consumers of …show more content…

Because organic farms tend to be local businesses, many of the jobs are held within the community and much of the income made by the organic farms are spent on other local services or goods. This creates a cycle helping rural communities flourish due to the lack of corporate jobs in these areas, “Farm families are able to hold on to their land and can offer their children the option of continuing to work the land, decreasing the likelihood of urban migration by young people in the community.” (Inouye, Alena, McCauley) It seems though in the future with the increase in demand of organic farming, people may migrate into these rural areas because of the increase in work and labor needed. Helping the economy is in important job and something that is healthy and also helps economic flow is vital. With the easy methods that go into growing food the organic way we can not only rural communities in America, but also throughout the world. Explained in Leu and Andre’s article from Global Resources, “The reality is that the world produces more than enough food to feed everyone and has more than enough suitable agricultural land to do it. Unfortunately, due to inefficient, unfair distribution systems and poor farming methods, millions of people do not receive adequate nutrition.” The fact that we can feed the whole world is amazing, there is land all over the world and where

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that organic farming has a great impact in the economic flourishment in rural areas, since many of the jobs are held within the community and the income made by the organic farms are spent on other local services.
  • Opines that organic farming has many benefits, but there are instances of dishonesty with the credibility of their products.
  • Explains that some argue that organic farming has no difference health wise than other regular food, making it impractical for consumers to purchase organic products.
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