The Effects of Music on the Mind, Brain, and Body

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Music has incredible effects on the brain and body! Ever since the beginning of time, music has been around. It can influence the way a person thinks and behaves, and also social interactions. Teens are more susceptible to this (Revatto 1). Music can be used in therapy by helping people with depression, and can even be a more natural way to heal the body (“How Music...” 1). In some cases, songs and melodies can help or make diseases worse. Music is a powerful thing and can affect your brain and many other things in your body in numerous ways.
Music can relieve certain medical problems. Parkinsons can be made better with certain musical rhythms. By listening and moving to regular rhythm patterns, people can overcome the effects of parkinson's (Sacks 1). Tourettes can also be made better or worse by performing or listening to songs, depending on what type. Migraines and headaches can be affected by music; again, better or worse. Relaxing or other certain kinds of songs can help out with heart problems. “A review of 23 studies covering over 1,500 patients found that listening to music ...
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