The Benefits Of Technology

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Technology can be two fold; it can be a blessing and a curse. It has forever impacted and changed social interaction. We live in a day where it is hard to get away from the screen, either the phone or computer and any other electronic devices, not only for work but also for leisure. We are forgetting how to reconnect, recharge, and relax. Thus, it has been requested we should, for one day, unplug ourselves from technology. Will this be beneficial? The idea of a technology Sabbath is beneficial in three ways: in recharging and relaxing, in deepening friendship, and attending and listening to people’s messages better.
Though technology has increased productivity and how quickly a person can receive messages, it hasn’t helped in actually relaxing. In fact, as stated by Tony Schwatz, “When we’re under pressure, however, most of us experience the opposite impulse: to push harder rather than rest.” (Schwatz, 2013, p. 1) This in turn affects productivity. Studies have shown the number one cause of loss productivity was not getting enough sleep (Klosowski, 2013, p. 1). Thus, taking a well needed break from it all will rejuvenate and recharge our minds which have been on the fast track zone for most
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As one student from Saint Francis University wrote, “Technology-free days (have) improved my social interactions. I engage in more conversations with my friends & girls in my dorm than just sitting in the room talking on instant message and through texting. Talking face to face with people is more personal than just sending IMs and texts” (Foley-DeFiore, 2010, p. 1). Thus, my sister and I would benefit with a break from technology as it will push us to actually speak than to email or text. Hence, without the interference of technology, being with friends and family is a special time with the people right in front of
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