The Impact of Technology

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Computers are a magnificent feat of technology. They have grown from simple calculators to machines with many functions and abilities. Computers have become so common that almost every home has at least one computer, and schools find them a good source for information and education for their students (Hafner, Katie, unknown). Computers have created new careers and eliminated others and have left a huge impact on our society. The invention of the computer has greatly affected the arts, the business world, and society and history in many different areas, but to understand how great these changes are, it is necessary to take a look at the origins of the computer. There are many different beginnings to the origins of computers. Their origins could be dated back more than two thousand years ago, depending on what a person means when they ask where the first computer came from. Most primitive computers were created for the purpose of running simple programs at best. (Daves Old Computers) However, the first ‘digital’ computer was created for the purposes of binary arithmetic, otherwise known as simple math. It was also created for regenerative memory, parallel processing, and separation of memory and computing functions. Built by John Vincent Atanasoff and Clifford Berry during 1937-1942, it was dubbed the Atanasoff Berry Computer (ABC). “After the integrated circuits the only place to go was down—in size that it. Large scale integration (LS) could fit hundreds of components onto one chip. By the 1980’s, very large scale integration (VLSI) squeezed hundreds of thousands of components onto a chip. Ultra-Large scale integration (ULSI) increased that number into millions. The ability to fit so much onto an area about half the size of ... ... middle of paper ... ...pher, “Fourth Generation (1971-Present)”, Computers: History and Development, 11 February 2011, Lackman, Jon, “Digital Art History”, The Art History Newsletter, 13 May 2010, A1 Paul, E. Geruzzi, “Ready or Not Computers are Coming to the People”, OA4 Magazine of History, July 2010, 25-28 Paul, Christiane, “Abstract”, Digital Art (World of Art), 28 July 2003, “Primitive Computer”, Daves Old Computers, 4 March 2011, The History of Photoshop, 17 February 2011, Tomeski, Edward, Lazarus, Harold, People-Oriented Computer Systems: The Computer in Crisis, New York: Van Nostrand Reinhold Co, 1975
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