The Benefits Of Premarital Marriage And The Consequences Of Marriage

Roughly 50% of all marriages end in divorce at some point. With those odds who even wants to get married anymore? Nearly half of all couples intending to spend their whole life together run into a problem somewhere down the road leading to a dreadful divorce. Research shows that there is a bright solution to this statistic. Truth is, divorce will never be eliminated, but it is definitely worth a shot to help save some families. Premarital counseling should be mandatory for couples to make sure they understand exactly what they are getting into. A marriage can change every decision one makes for the rest of their life, whether its spending habits, to having kids or not, or even things such as housing location. Counseling would lead to the greatest…show more content…
Couples will live happier lives knowing that they made the right choice on their wedding day. The little cash and time spent on counseling is a very small price when realizing the benefits it can have on future families. A couple who goes through therapy can come out much stronger than one who jumped straight into marriage. They gain an entitlement to each other, some sort of a first step into marriage program to prove they are ready for their lives to come together as one. Counseling prior to marriage and continued on throughout marriage will keep couples happy together, give them an outside source of insight, and make them see what the future holds. “The probability of divorce did not vary much across the racial/ethnic groups. The chance of a marriage ending in divorce decreases as educational attainment rises” (Aughinbaugh). People deserve to be educated on marriage and divorce prior to marriage at reasonable costs. No marriage has to end in divorce. Marriage is something that needs to be well thought out and only needs to happen when both partners in the relationship are 100 percent ready. Marriage and divorce are both choices that can be used for better or worse. Counseling will lead to better lives among future couples. It is a bonus commitment between two people to show that the marriage they plan to go through is one of a committed and devoted

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