The Negative Effect of Divorce on Children

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The Negative Effect of Divorce on Children

Divorce has a negative effect on the psychological and social aspects of our children, which may appear instantly or not come to the surface for years. This is why I think that divorce should only be a last resort and not rushed into even by couples with the most troubled marriages. The only acceptable reason for someone rushing into divorce is if they or their children are in danger. I believe that marriage is a commitment not to be taken lightly and disregarded at the first bump in the road especially when there are children involved. Far too many people do not want to take responsibility for their actions and choices; for example, people use abortion as birth control and couples’ jumping in and out of marriages like it’s a trial and error institution. Marriage is no longer taken seriously; commitment and monogamy are no longer an essential ingredient. For most couples today, it’s not even considered as a part of marriage. The negative effects that divorce has on children should be the number one consideration when a couple hits that hard time in their relationship.

Children are psychologically and socially affected by divorce and may need counseling either at the time of their parent’s divorce or in the future. They may react instantly by getting lower grades or becoming depressed or anxious. Younger children may begin to cling to the parent that remains in the home with them for they fear that both parents will eventually leave them. Older children may begin to rebel or become extremely disobedient and disrespectful. You may see unpleasant attitudes develop and they can become unsocial and no longer desire to be around their friends. Most children feel guilty for their parent’s ...

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...; it’s almost pointless to even argue with them. If they have found someone else that they feel is better than again it’s almost futile to argue. To save a marriage, both parents must be willing to work and sacrifice. It is possible to overcome those bumps in the road and it is possible to be married until death do you part but it takes work, commitment, sacrifice, trust, honesty and most importantly communication. If you are in a marriage that is now falling apart at the seams do your kids a favor and stop, take a breath and reevaluate the real issue that is causing the strained marriage. Get with your spouse and talk about the issue and how you both can overcome it together. Now some may argue that their children will be better off in a home where there is no longer yelling, screaming and tension but from my experience the problems don’t erase; they just change.
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